Formerly a part of Barangay Lawaan , Barangay New Barili eventually emerged as a separate entity and marked a boundary on June 6, 1981 soon after the declaration of Tampilisan as a municipality.  New Barili was named after Barili in Cebu where some of the Subanen land dwellers came from. Erstwhile, most of the residents in New Barili were Subanen. However, in subsequent generations, diverse ethnicities like Ilongo and Bisaya throve in New Barili. 


     New Barili is one of the proximal areas in the municipality with a distance of 6 kilometres. New Barili has a total land area of 574.1309 hectares categorized as highland.


    The barangay is divided into seven puroks with politically appointed barangay kagawads. As of 2018, Purok 1 has 38 households, Purok 2 has 50 households, Purok 3 has 30 households, Purok 4 has 15 household, Purok 5 has 30 households, Purok 6 has 21 households, and lastly Purok 7 has 23 households All in all, there are 218 households in the barangay resulting to a total population of 1043. 


      The several acres of land in New Barili have a great cultivation of crops, livestock, poultry, farming, and rubber tapping. Most of the land area has a steadfast loyalty to rubber trees and corns. Farming is their essential source of livelihood among the residents in the community. The agricultural products mentioned above, are the main supplements of income in most of the residents New Barili. 

Moreover, some of the working population obtain their income outside the municipality to raise their family income. 



  There is one Elementary School designated run by an appointed head teacher and one Daycare Center designated to a day care worker at Purok 7 of Barangay New Barili. Currently, barangay has a total number of 156 children entering school. Twenty three of them are attending the Daycare Center while 133 are enrolled in the New Barili Elementary School



     New Barili has one Barangay Health Station. The health station have 2 Barangay Health Workers and 1 Barangay Nutrition Scholar. The health station offers free services every 2nd to 3rd  Thursday. The services include: (1) pre-natal check-up, (2) immunization and (3) distribution of maintenance medications for hypertension; and (4) wellness consultation. There is an appointed nurse and one barangay health workers in the health center.

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