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Video made by: Moh. Khairul "KHAI" Hassan

Ateneo de Zamboanga School of Medicine (ADZU-SOM), Team NBB: 

New Barili & Beyond Video Presentation during 2nd Community Exposure

Magiging Doctor Ka!

The winning video produced by Team New Barili and Beyond. This reverse poetry was written as a reflection of life that a medical student has to live through, that the journey is long and hard, that trhough humility, love, and perseverance, and teamwork with others, we are able to become the people we aspire to be.

-Team NBB


A community that continuously grows to be  self-reliant and sustainable, with empowered individuals  in aiming for a healthy and well-developed New Barili


Team New Barili N' Beyond serves as an instrument in breaching the gaps and renovating bridges  to mobilize the people in community action through: (1) Increasing their awareness, knowledge, and skills; (2) Engaging the community to provide sustainable solutions to health in utilizing all available resources to satisfy their needs; (3) Modifying their ideas, beliefs, and behavior; and (4)  Strengthening their ability to be self-sustained  

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